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Lauren and Dan Daugherty, Miami, 2007
Kimy Wilkinson and Michelle Secor, 2006
Linda Pollard (left) and Christie Falkenberg (right) with Eric Lowrey, Hal Zemel, and Mike Saperstein, Miami Beach, 1998
Elise Loukas (center) and Chris Riley (2nd from right) with Hal Zemel, Mike Saperstein, and Su Saperstein (far right), 1997
Brian Golden, 2003
Ted O'Donoghue, Rick Muise, Ricky Saperstein, and Stuart Roos, 2003
Aunt Trudy (left) and Melissa Mann (right) with Hannah Saperstein, Orlando, FL, 2005
Gary Von Vrankin and Michelle Secor, 2008
Piper Kerman with now-husband Larry, early 2000s
Ted O'Donoghue ("Sharkey") with Hannah Saperstein, 2004
Esther Lowrey with her sister Terza, 2010